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Taken from the Summer Palace. Tip: be sure to examine the paintings along Summer Palace long corridor. Many are taken from classic literature such as from Journey to the West.

Journey to the West - 西游记 

Also known as Monkey King, refered to one of the main characters in the story (Sun WuKong)

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Who wrote Journey to the West ?
For hundred of years people were baffled who really wrote this book. Only in the 20th century scholars like Lu Xun and others, after intensive studies, argued strongly that the original writer is Wu Cheng En, a writer from Ming Dynasty.

Journey to the West is one of the four famous ancient literature from China - the other three works are Three Kingdoms, A Dream of Red Mansions, and Outlaws of the Marsh (also known as "All Men are Brothers"). It's written and published in Ming Dynasty era around 1500's. Everybody in China knows the story and the heroes are very popular. Hundreds of books, movies, TV series have been made about it not to mention games, songs, etc. Check FUN.

This masterpiece is exceptional in using very informal-common daily-language. It brings ordinary people's ideals, social contradiction, problems in humourous manner and fantasy. Although Xuan Zhang is a real person (the one who picked up Buddha scripture and brought it to China), other main characters and stories are imaginary developed from popular folklore which become so alive and real in the book.

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